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Jim Morgan Woodworkinghow to Jim Morgan Woodworking for Make it yourself: Recycled & repurposedWoodworking & Joinery

How to use reclaimed wood and scrapped metal for home made furniture. Great designs with easy assembly for tables chairs and benches from recycled sources.

Reclaimed metals used to make furniture, recycled & repurposed materials.

Repurposed as furniture ideas and free woodworking plans.

Free furniture plans » Recycling for 1 last update 2020/07/06 of wood, metal, tires and thrown away waste as homemade furniture. » Reclaimed and repurposed as furniture.Free furniture plans » Recycling of wood, metal, tires and thrown away waste as homemade furniture. » Reclaimed and repurposed as furniture.

DIY examples to make your own furniture.

Jim Morgan Woodworkinghow to Jim Morgan Woodworking for Scrapped metal rubbish and reclaimed pallets that were thrown away.

What can you make out of discarded materials?
More and more examples of scrap converted into furniture appear on the web.
We selected some of the best ideas for home made furniture from reclaimed wood.
See how you can make chairs from repurposed oil drums or worn car tires.
Amazing designs for furniture made out of old bicycles.

One of the most obvious materials to repurpose are pallets.
Websites such as Etsy and Pinterest provide many ideas to repurpose a pallet.
Some of those furniture designs are ready within an hour.
Garden chairs can be easily made by cutting a euro pallet in two pieces.

Home made from discarded and neglected materials.

Click the pictures to see more examples of furniture made with similar repurposed materials.
Reclaimed wood and repurposed packaging materials converted to tables and chairs.
Beds and benches in farmhouse style can be made easily from spruce if you use a dowel pointer for the wood joinery.

Bed in log house style, made with branches and spruce.
Planks from pallets and a reclaimed cable reel repurposed as chair.
Pyramid planter on a square foot.
Living wall made with plant pots from empty food cans.
Flowers in a vertical rack for plants, made from a repurposed pallet.
Wall garden made with reclaimed tires.
Luxurious chair made from reclaimed tires.
Parrot shape hanging planter, from a repurposed tire.
DIY recycling idea, streetsigns repurposed as terrace furniture.
Cupboard with shelving made inside an oil barrel.
Three designer chairs made from repurposed oil vats.
Recycle art, table from street sign and scaffold tubing.
This stool was made with many reclaimed bicycle saddles and repurposed bike wheels.
Chairs made by Andy Greeg, a recycling artist who uses reclaimed bikes for his art.
Homemade furniture from repurposed travel cases and vintage luggage.
Urinals made from repurposed instruments.
Barstool made of a beer barrel.
The door before and after conversion to frame for pictures.
Antique farmhouse door in use as tabletop for a coffetable.
Urinals made from stainless steel beer barrels.
Barbecue made from a repurposed beer keg.
Rectangular bar and barstools made from scaffolding.
Four crates and a square planter are enough to make this great table.
Homemade chairs from a pallet.

More of these repurposed materials are on the Dutch recycling examples for furniture.

Re – cycled as furniture, table from driftwood and reclaimed bicycle parts.
Repurposed as furniture, a re-cycled bike wheel and reclaimed timber.
The most obvious source of wood to reclaim and repurpose, pallets.
Effortless breaking up a pallet with the appropiate tool.

The planks from pallets are obviously very cost effective construction material.
Therefore there exist many examples how to repurpose a pallet into furniture.
We are compiling more of these examples for pallet furniture over time, so please return here to see what is new.

That you first have to dissemble them is one of the disadvantages of pallets.
But there are nevertheless also many diy examples for furniture that can be made without disassembling the pallet.

If you are going to use many loose planks then we strongly advise you to make a pallet breaker tool.

Pallets and gutter rings to support plant pots.
Barstools and high table made from reclaimed pallets.
Bar table made from reclaimed pallets.
DIY examples of high bar tables made from reclaimed wood and pallets.
Garden table from scaffolding wood with embedded planter in the center.
Low planter table made from pallets.
Urban vertical garden wall covering with plants in a pallet.
How to make a simple chair from a pallet.
Garden chair made fom a repurposed pallet.
Homemade chairs from a pallet.
Jim Morgan Woodworkinghow to Jim Morgan Woodworking for Old boards from scaffolding repurposed to make strong garden furniture.

We have step by step instructions and construction drawings to learn how to build most of this garden furniture.

Your homemade side table, still without a color.
Picnic table with integrated ice box.
Home made garden table with drinks cooler and garden benches.
Three tier planter with A-frame.
Sturdy recipient for plants, home made furniture example for scaffold wood.
Grey wash finish of scaffolding planks for a homemade dining table.
Versatile wooden bench for in the house or use outside.
Your self made corner bench of scaffolding wood.
Square hocker lounge table.
Lounge chair dimensions.