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  • Dutch Gambrel 24 Stairs Outside


  • Dutch Gambrel 24 Stairs Outside


  • Dutch Gambrel 30 Stairs Inside


  • Dutch Gambrel 30 Stairs Outside

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  • Dutch Gambrel 40 Stairs Inside
  • Dutch Gambrel 40 Stairs Outside



Buildings in this category have Gambrel styled roofs down to the second floor on sides or eave. Dimensions are between 24×24 to 40×60 feet. Key features can include dormer windows and animal friendly design.
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Barn Style
  • Roof Styles for Dutch Barns – Gambrel Style Roof – Some buildings have additional shed roof(s) on side(s) Dormer windows available on most buildings. All buildings are two story with loft or full second floor. If not present, dormer windows and can be added to buildings in this category.
  • Roof Styles for Agricultural – Shed Style – Roof pitch from front to rear. Higher portion of roof at front of building
    Double Shed – Roof pitch from front to middle. Additional roof pitch from middle to rear
    B with walls on 3 sides – Front open
    Shop – Roof style B with walls all 4 sides. Door(s) at front of building
    Western Style Roof – Roof Style A with sheds on both sides
  • Roof Styles for Ranchette Barns – Western Style Roof – Is an A style roof at middle of the building with additional shed roofs on the exterior walls. Some plans have additional shed roofs that create a covered area, this feature can be added if not on a desired plan.


Norm Scheel has 38 years experience as a registered engineer. He is currently registered in all 50 states and a fellow Structural Engineering Associate of California & Fellow American Society of Civil Engineers.

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